Volunteer Network

FAQs and Glossary

Who do I contact when I have questions?

Below are the contacts for each school. Please contact the person at the school you are volunteering.

Dental Fund

Cate McLaughlin: 617-636-6927 or catherine.mclaughlin@tufts.edu

Marianne Blaney: 617-636-3434 or marianne.blaney@tufts.edu

The Fletcher Fund

Tara DiDomenico: 617-627-4833 or tara.didomenico@tufts.edu

The Tufts Fund for Arts, Sciences & Engineering

Sean Devendorf: 617-636-2949 or sean.devendorf@tufts.edu

How do I change my email or password?

Click the “My Account” link in the upper right corner. You have the option to both change your email (used as your login to the site and where an email will be sent if you forget your password) and update your password.

Why was I logged out of the site?

For security reasons, after 20 minutes of inactivity, you will be asked to log into the site again.

How do I enter a pledge?

From the Contact Details page for your contact, select “Gift/Pledge” from the Response drop-down list. Enter the pledge amount and any notes to Tufts staff (change of address, etc.). If you have the contact’s email address, click the “Select/Copy to clipboard” and then paste this message into an email. Feel free to customize this message, although be careful not to alter the hyperlink that they can use to fulfill their pledge online. When you are done with the pledge amount, notes to Tufts staff, and the message to your contact, click “Submit.”

What do I do if a contact says that they will give, but doesn’t specify how much?

Follow the same steps above for how you enter a pledge, but leave the Pledge Amount field blank.

How do I add a note to a contact?

On the Contact Details page, click “Add new note.” Enter the note in the text box and click the “Add Note” button. Notes can be used to help you keep track of your interaction with this contact, but can also be viewed by Tufts staff. You may want to “flag” the note to draw attention to it. This note will remain on your contact for future reference unless you delete it.

If you are entering a pledge for a contact and have information you need to convey to Tufts staff about the contact or their pledge at that time, you can put that in “Notes to Tufts staff” on the Pledge page and it will be sent with the pledge information to Tufts staff.

How do I update someone’s name or contact information?

Please put this information in either a note on the contact and flag the note, or if the contact is making a pledge, include it in the “Notes to Tufts staff” on the pledge form.

How do I remove a contact?

Add a note to the contact asking to have the person removed from your list. Flag the note and a Tufts staff person will make the necessary adjustment.

How do I add someone as a contact?

Please contact the Tufts staff person you have been working with to let them know you would like to add a contact.

Glossary of terms

Ask Amount:
The amount suggested that you ask this contact for in support of the annual fund
Amount Received (under My Contacts):
The contact’s annual giving to this school for the current fiscal year
On Hold:
If a contact is marked “on hold” this indicates that you should not contact this person at the current time
Achievement Goal/To Date:
The overall annual fund goal and the actual amount raised so far during the current fiscal year
Unrestricted Goal/To Date:
The goal for the unrestricted portion of the annual fund and the actual amount raised so far during the current fiscal year; unrestricted gifts are directed to areas of greatest need by deans and university leadership
Participation Goal/To Date:
The percentage goal for alumni who make gifts to the university and the actual alumni giving rate so far for the current fiscal year
Date/Amount of Last Gift:
The date and amount of this contact’s most recent gift to the university
Lifetime Giving to Tufts:
The total amount this contact has given to the university
Annual Fund:
Gifts that are used in the year they are received for current operating expenses, such as financial aid; faculty and student research; curriculum development; academic and athletic programs; facilities; and technological and media resources. This column on the Contact Details page reflects only gifts to the school that you are asking for support.
Capital Giving:
These are restricted gifts to support specific long-term, large-scale projects such as buildings, endowed scholarships, or faculty chairs. Capital gifts can be used immediately, or invested in the university endowment and dispensed over a longer period of time. They are frequently made to name a building or endow a scholarship. This column on the Contact Details page reflects only gift to the school that you are asking for support.
Giving to Other Schools:
Gifts (annual and capital) to other schools at the university other than the school reflected under Annual Fund and Capital Giving